Who is Koala Clancy?

clancy20011-002Koala Clancy is a male koala, living wild in the You Yangs Regional Park near Melbourne.

He is special because Echidna Walkabout Wildlife Guides & Researchers have known him since he was born.

He is the second son of Pat, one of our most frequently-seen koalas, and she too has been part of our Koala Research Project since she was a tiny joey.

Koala Clancy was born in April/May 2010 and lived with his mother and grandmother until January 2012, when he was around 20 months old.  Then, like most young males, he left the safety and comfort of his mother's home area and struck out to find himself a home. 

Independence is a tough time for young male koalas.  At 20 months they are not fully grown.  Bigger, stronger, more experienced males dominate most of the suitable habitats and they don't welcome young rivals.  In addition, with the growing effect of climate change, koalas are needing more trees and larger home ranges and invasive weeds are further degrading what habitat remains. 

To complicate things further, Koala Clancy is now a father.  His first son, Wurdi, will now need a home as well! 

But being famous doesn't protect Koala Clancy from climate change -

Late 2015/early 2016 Clancy needed to be rescued and taken to the vet for treatment of his injuries.  He then had quite a spell in care until he was fully recovered and very healthy.  We held a successful Koala Clancy Safety Net campaign to help and received great support - thank you everyone.   

How can we help Koala Clancy?    Check out the opportunities   .... donate/shop!

Keep an eye on the latest from Koala Clancy on his own Facebook Page (tab on the right) and also check out Koala Clancy's Blog where you can learn about Koalas in the wild.   

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