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How Do Koalas Eat?

The diet of koalas is fascinating, and the subject of many stories and scientific publications. But how do koalas eat? Are they delicate and classy, or slathering, voracious beasts? Do...

The Koala Tree Nursery Koala

There are only a couple of Koala Tree Nurseries in the world. There are even fewer that have their own resident koala. Clem is a healthy adult male koala that...

Wild Koala Stars of 2020-2021

Koalas live a very stimulating life as a part of a changing community. The latest from our wild koala community in the You Yangs, west of Melbourne. Good rains have...

Koalas that appear out of nowhere

A story about a wild koala that was seen regularly by researchers for several years, then not at all, then re-appeared again in late 2019. Article explains how Koalas can...

Tree planting for the future in Australia.

An article outlining the real costs of planting trees in Australia that are locally native, planted to survive and provide habitat for wildlife. We plant trees for the future –...

9000 Koala Trees Planted!

Koala Clancy Foundation has planted 9000 koala trees in 2020, what that means to the koalas of the You Yangs & Brisbane Ranges, and how you can help koalas survive...

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