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One off donations to Koala Clancy Foundation inc

Safely make your valuable donation online here - thank you!

Please also email us as we are keen to be in contact with you.   We would be pleased to acknowledge your contribution by recognising it on our Supporters page (if you choose)  ... and we will keep you up to date with our research projects.

Help Make a Home for Koala Clancy and all his wild Aussie koala mates  -  

just $50 can secure koala habitat for one wild koala for a month.    $600 creates koala habitat for one wild koala for a whole year! 

If you wish to make a donation for another person please add their name to the text box or email us with the details so we can make special arrangements..

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You can also buy single Koala Clancy Foundation items with our unique artwork on clothing, homewares, phone & laptop covers -  all supporting wild koala conservation  

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