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Individual - $100, Family - $200,  Student - $50 or  "Sponsor a Koala Habitat" - $100

Support Koala Clancy and his fellow wild koalas - become an active member or give a membership to a friend!


Please pay online now  - New members will need to complete an application form which you can download from the membership page here.

Renewing members  -    will not need to complete the form - unless your details have changed please.

New members ...

Individual Membership - $100 per financial year and you will be entitled to unlimited attendance to Koala Conservation Days for one year.

Family membership - $200 per financial year.  Please include all family names and childrens ages on the membership form.

Student membership - $50 a year for students who are not working full-time - and students are required to volunteer for at least 5 days a year.

Or, if YOU can't attend Koala Conservation Days yourself, you can have a 'Sponsor a  Koala Habitat" membership and support the work to improve koala habitat.  

Corporate donations and sponsorship   ....  and group membership - please discuss the options with us.   We appreciate your support of Koalas in the wild and we will be pleased to add your name to our supporters list. 

Membership of KCF is also a great gift for a fellow wildlife/nature lover.

JOIN NOW as a new member to get a FREE Koala Clancy tshirt.

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You can also buy single Koala Clancy Foundation items with our unique artwork on clothing, homewares, phone & laptop covers -  all supporting wild koala conservation  

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