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“Our Wildlife Has Suffered Terribly”: The Impact of Australia’s Fires and How You Can Help - in global AFAR Travel Magazine 10 January 2020.

Includes update on what is happening with Koalas.

"How Koalas are impacted by Australia's wildfires and what you can do to help" - 16 December 2019.

An excellent article in the prestigious global Condé Nast Traveller website talking about volunteering with Koala Clancy Foundation etc.

"Koalas & Bushfires - How you can help" - Echidna Walkabout 16 December 2019.

A simple plan to save koalas from bush fires:
1. Plant trees.
2. Support organisations that are planting trees.
3. Take action to limit climate change.   - see article for more!

"What does a koala’s nose know? A bit about food, and a lot about making friends" - The Conversation 5 June 2019. 

"....  And every koala nose is unique .... A study of 108 wild koalas found distinctive patterns of pigmentation around the nostrils allowed observers on the ground to reliably recognise individual animals, even when they’re in the trees".   

A great article which refers to, and links to our Koala Clancy Foundation website page about Janine's koala ID research and paper.  


Help Plant a Safe Home - Star Weekly Wyndham 5 June 2019

The Koala Clancy Foundation has urged Wyndham residents to join its tree-planting events designed to help koalas survive in the wild.

Koala expert and foundation president Janine Duffy said that two Community Koala Tree Planting days would be held later this year, in the You Yangs near Little River.

“Koalas in the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges need our help,” Ms Duffy said.

How to make positive New Years Resolutions  -  Give Back!  - Broadsheet 17 January 2019.

"There are plenty of organised events to jump on board with, too. One making a substantial environmental difference is The Koala Clancy Foundation. They’ll have you travelling to the You Yangs and Western Plains to get your hands dirty in helping protect the koala’s habitat" 


"Planting a Safe Haven"   

this article appeared in the Wyndham Star Weekly on 30 October 2018


The Koala Clancy Foundation will host a free event in Little River next week, where landowners will be able to learn about how to attract koalas to their properties through measures including tree planting.

The foundation conducts and supports conservation and research to boost the number of koalas in the region.

Koala expert Janine Duffy said a shrinking habitat meant koalas need to be able to access private land to survive in the wild.

She said that it took five years for a river red gum tree to grow big enough to hold a koala.

“Koala Clancy Foundation have the trees, the knowledge and the man and woman-power to plant the trees, all we need is the landowners,” Ms Duffy said.

“Attending the event will be landowners who have had trees planted by Koala Clancy Foundation – they will be keen to answer questions to help other farmers.”

Koala Clancy Foundation volunteers have planted trees on Pam and David Goble’s property.

“We have had great experience with Koala Clancy Foundation and very high success rate,” Mr Goble said.

The event will be on from 7.30-8.30pm on Thursday, November 15 at the Little River Mechanics Hall, 8 Rothwell Road. Register at or visit

The plight of the local koalas was also covered in a recent article in the Geelong Independent on 26 October 2018

"Pressure on Koalas"

The article included - A wildlife conservation zone would improve koala protection through signage, carefully-managed visitation, watering holes, stricter dog controls and improved tourist facilities, Mr Smith said.

But already local farmers and volunteers were working to increase habitats, Mr Smith’s partner and koala expert Janine Duffy said.

Ms Duffy is president of Koala Clancy Foundation, which has planted about 5000 trees around the You Yangs.

“It only takes five years for a river red gum tree to grow big enough to hold a koala,” she said.

The foundation’s volunteers also monitored koala populations and removed boneseed weed, which degraded the marsupial’s habitat, Ms Duffy said.

She urged anyone wanting to help to register at for a free information session at Little River on 15 November.


kidshelpkoalas"Kids help Koalas"  article in outandaboutwithkids on 28 September 2018

Thanks for featuring us and the amazing kids that help us.   We love sharing our stories of having fun in the bush! check out page 92 of the October issue of Family Travel and pick up your copy


 "Buschtour zu den Koalas Das Eukalyptus-Matriarchat" - Spiegel Online in Germany on 31 January 2018

[Google translation - Bus tour to the Koalas The eucalyptus matriarchy] 

Australia, drought warning: many species at risk in Italian blog  ....   from  Amore Quatro 4 zampe  [love for 4 legs] by Di Gabrielle on 19 January 2018

Article includes reference to Koala Clancy Foundation and the koala spraying in Australia's hot summer. in National Geographic online News  9 January 2018



Echidna Walkabout and Koala Clancy Foundation and the new global award featured on Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine website 10 October 2017

Koala Clancy Foundation quoted in new Wyndham Council plan - Star Weekly 12 September 2017

 "seeds sown for new green plan" to give a free tree to new residents who move into the area to boost tree cover in the municipality.

Koala Clancy Foundation delighted to be part of a global innovation award in cruise ship tours - Hamburg, Germany 8 September 2017

David Vass, SVP of Abercrombie & Kent interview including -"This experience has benefited conservation programs for Koalas for the past five years sending over 10,000 guests from cruise ships visiting Melbourne.In 2016, the experience took on a new dimension when Echidna Walkabout packaged a special book to accompany the tours,' he explained."It is a compelling and positive tale about Clancy’s bush home and how Koalas can be cared for and conserved. Each donation goes directly to the not-for-profit Koala Clancy Foundation to be used to protect and conserve koalas in the wild and ensure their future".

They're just wild about Clancy in Geelong Indy 25 April 2017

Wild Koala Day on Travel Writers Radio News with Kirstie Bedford 12 April 2017

 6 ways you can help koalas on Wild Koala Day"  Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper 3 May 2016 

"Wild Koala Day celebrating an aussie icon"  Yahoo 7 Online Magazine 3 May 2016  

"May 3 is a day to celebrate an icon of Australia"  eGlobal Travel Media Online Magazine  3 May 2016

"Top 5 places to see Koalas in the Wild" - Tourism Australia website - 3 May 2016

You Yangs - Victoria, Port Stephens - NSW, Kangaroo Island - South Australia, Raymond Island - Victoria and Noosa Headland National Park - Queensland. 

Tourism Australia's official Instagram features Wild Koala Day - 3 May 2016

Please like and for anyone who misses it in Instagram - here is how this was looking about midday with 33,500 likes so far.


"Help our living treasures today" on Wild Koala Day -  by Jodie Whittaker in the Geelong Advertiser - 3 May 2016

TODAY marks an important date on our national calendar. The inaugural Wild Koala Day gives each Australian the chance to fight an issue as old as European settlement using current technology.

"Coast Koala numbers continue to plummet" 2 May 2016 Noosa News Newspaper  2 May 2016

"Wild Koala Day" 29 April 2016 Geelong Radio Bay FM with Sue & Mark – aired after 4pm

May 3 is Wild Koala Day – a day to celebrate an icon of Australia - Media Release 28 April 2016

Koala Conservation Groups in Australia have declared May 3 Wild Koala Day to build awareness of the need to protect koalas in the wild, and Swain Destinations is a major supporter.

May 3 is Wild Koala Day – a day to celebrate a furry bundle up a gum-tree - Media Release - 27 April 2016

Koala Conservation Groups from all over Australia have come together to declare May 3 Wild Koala Day to build awareness of the need to protect koalas in the wild.

"Why Tourism Should Do More for Endangered Species" in International Ecotourism Society News - 26 April 2016

Australian tourism companies face increasing pressure on their natural assets, so one wildlife tour operator is leading the way by turning a negative into a positive.  

"Koala Clancy Foundation encourages locals to help fauna by planting trees"  Geelong Advertiser Newspaper  12 April 2016

Saving koalas made easy: Volunteering for busy or budget-conscious Victorians - Media Release - 12 April 2016

The brand new Koala Clancy Foundation provides opportunities for urban people to get hands on with koala conservation in multiple ways to fit with busy lifestyles, lack of transport or lack of funds.

 3 minutes with Raf Epstein on Drive -  Melbourne ABC Radio 774  28 January 2016 

"Natural beauty three day trips from Melbourne"  National Geographic Traveler Print & Online Magazine 19 January 2016

"Nieuws Australie Koala Foundation"  Walkabout Australia The Netherlands Blog  13 January 2016

"Goway helps Koala Clancy Foundation reach target to assist koala population" 11 January 2016 Open Jaw Online Magazine  11 January 2016

"Goway supports Koala Clancy"   Travel Press Online Magazine  23 December 2015 

"We gave Koala Clancy a Safety Net"   Globetrotting Online Magazine 9 December 2015

"Koala Clancy is promoting wildlife tourism from his gum tree in the You Yangs" - Geelong Advertiser 3 October 2015

The Weekend Extra and a double page spread featuring Koala Clancy and wildlife tourism in Geelong on the weekend after the Wildlife Tourism Conference

"A fantastic Koala Conservation Day in the You Yangs Regional Park"  William Angliss Travel Blog: 9 September 2015 

See the new video of "Wildlife in Victoria" August 2015 

This great little video which Janine was pleased to be involved with - features so many of the wonderful wildlife of Victoria - produced by Tourism Victoria and Tourism Geelong & Bellarine. 

"Koala Clancy of the You Yangs" children's book in Geelong Independent newspaper

Mel and Koala Clancy book feature on page 3 of the local newspaper on 29 May 2015

Tourism companies work together to save wild koalas


Insight Australia has become the first Inbound Tour Operator to join with award-winning wildlife tour operator Echidna Walkabout to make a home for a wild koala.  See Media Release for more.

"Koalas: Wildlife tourism nosey discovery" on by Alan Cole UK on 5 December 2014

Alan Cole's article on our Koala [No - not Bears] research includes this quote ...  Chris Pitt, of Care for the Wild International, says: “Any information that can help protect wildlife is vital, but the fact that this has come from a wildlife tour operator is inspiring.

“A crucial part of the puzzle is for tour operators to understand their impact on the wildlife they are helping people see, and to ensure they are following the best possible standards.

“This is a wonderful example of wildlife tourism benefitting not only the lucky people who get to see the koalas, but also the koalas themselves.”

Listen to this Traveling Dan Podcast interview on 1 December 2014 with Janine – "Working with Koalas and Wildlife in Australia"

Thank you Dan for this great interview where we get chance to talk about research program and the value of our Australian wildlife.

ABC News 24 Australia featured our volunteer program on 29 November 2014

Talkabout It focussed on providing a balanced view of volunteering and voluntourism - both positive and negatives. They finished the program with our volunteers!

Paul, Mel, Martin and Janine feature along with Koala Clancy and some of our wonderful travellers.  The Volunteering program is total of 30 min and we feature from the 23 minute point.

"Australia’s Last Koalas: Extinction Is Looming, Unless We Act Quickly" in

September is National Save the Koala Month, and they really do need saving.

According to the Australian Koala Foundation, there are roughly 80,000 wild koalas left, but in reality, there could be as few as 43,000 left in the wild.  This article appeared on 10 September and includes more on Janine's research and its possibilities for helping Koalas "Duffy has faith that Australians will rally behind saving the koala before extinction becomes inevitable".   The Government Also Needs to Step Up and Save Koalas

"Australia’s cuddly koalas are rapidly dying out" in Global Post

But a new technique — involving nose prints — may help conservationists save them.

Lyn Eyb from Bordeaux France interviewed Janine about her Koala research and non-intrusive identification - by phone early in August and this article appeared in the Global Post on 29 August 2014 

"....  Duffy believes Clancy is the first wild male koala to ever be monitored from pouch to independence without a collar — an accomplishment that could have huge ramifications for conserving a species on the brink of the endangered list.

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that fewer than 80,000 koalas remain in the wild, though this number could be as low as 43,000.

The koala — a cultural icon Down Under — is in serious decline, suffering from the effects of habitat destruction, wildfires, and a chlamydia epidemic that has decimated the population ....".    See More

This article has also appeared in on 30 August although they have changed the photos and include koalas being held [not ideal]!

eGlobal Travel Media - Will Koala’s Noses Save Them from Extinction?

On 5 August 2014, eGlobal featured our revolutionary research in their Responsible Travel section. Identifying Koalas in the wild by their nose patterns provides a low-cost, non-intrusive tool for measuring wild koala movements and population size. The method will save governments and scientific organisations tens of thousands, and will open up opportunities for public involvement in conservation efforts to save the vulnerable marsupial., our revolutionary method of identifying koalas in the wild.

The research will be presented at a special conference in USA in October following the research coming to the attention of Assistant Professor Dr Jeff Skibins from Kansas State University who, along with his colleague Asst Professor Dr Peg McBee, co-wrote this important paper which could help save koalas from the extinction predicted by experts. "Duffy has been using this special method of identifying koalas in one of Australia's few stable populations of wild koalas, Victoria's You Yangs Range, since 1998. Her research offers a low-cost, non-intrusive tool for measuring wild koala movements and population size. The method will save governments and scientific organisations tens of thousands, and will open up opportunities for public involvement in conservation efforts to save the vulnerable marsupial".

Swain Destinations - Sustainability and Conservation around the World album

We are honoured to be included in such great company - " a sampling of some of the work being done around the world to protect and sustain the natural environment around us. We applaud them, and all of Swain Destinations' partners, who work to make "Earth Day Every Day!"

 "Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours incorporates conservation and environmental impact into all of their tours, and they also donate part of the cost of each tour to Koala research".   Thank you very much Swain! 

Echidna Walkabout's Koala Research at conference in USA 

Janine's unique koala nose pattern identification is used by all the Echidna Walkabout team for recognising and monitoring koalas in the wild in a non-inbtrusive manner.  This research is an important part of what we do and is totally funded by Echidna Walkabout.

Today it has been confirmed that Janine's Koala Nose Pattern identification paper has been accepted and she will be presenting at the Pathways Conference - Integrating Human Dimensions into Fisheries and Wildlife Management at Colorado State University in October.  See more

For all relevant media, public relations and marketing enquiries for Koala Clancy Foundation incorporated - please contact Janine Duffy