It was a great launch of not-for-profit Koala Clancy Foundation on 4 May 2016 in Melbourne.

An enjoyable and incredibly gratifying event attended by an amazing variety of people from tourism and hospitality, the media, educational institutions, airline and cruise ship industries, scientists, not-for-profits, governments and much more.  Over 100 people filled the room with hope for the future of wild Koalas.   Tons of photos on Facebook. 

The first of many events to promote the work of the Koala Clancy Foundation.

It was an opportunity to learn and talk about koalas with passionate koala experts, conservationists, researchers, authors, media, government representatives and wildlife tourism professionals.

All to help us prevent the extinction of koalas in the wild.

Koala Clancy Foundation memberships were organised, Students joined and signed up for a minimum of 5 Koala Conservation Days while others were 'allocated' to the "Sponsor a Student" membership for those who cannot get out and help with the weeding and planting.  There is plenty of enthusiasm.

Catriona Rowntree, TV star, Getaway presenter, travel personality and a wonderful friend and supporter hosted this special event.

Guests speakers :

  • Janine Duffy, President of the Koala Clancy Foundation
  • Melinda King, Author of childrens' book "Koala Clancy of the You Yangs"
  • Erin Carpenter, Melbourne Water
  • Anthony Dufty, Port Phillip & Westerport Catchment Management Authority and Moorabool Landcare Network
  • De Grebner, Tree Project

It was also the inaugural Wild Koala Day, May 3 - a national day of celebration of wild koalas. 

Koalas need your help!

Top zoologists are predicting that koalas won't survive climate change as a wild species.   In fact, in some states, scientists are estimating that koalas will become extinct by 2050.

But in Victoria we are lucky. We still have viable wild populations of koalas.   We have access to the best scientific predictions, and have been warned of the problems in time to save our koalas.  

Koala Clancy Foundation Membership

Many registered on the night as a Koala Clancy Member  and received a signed "Koala Clancy of the You Yangs" book, member-exclusive T-shirt and unlimited attendance to Koala Conservation Days for one year.

Student memberships are also available at $50 a year with the same benefit with your commitment to volunteer for 5 or more Koala Conservation Days.

And for those who wanted to help but can't attend Koala Conservation Days themselves  - many joined with a "Sponsor a Student" membership!