You Yangs Koala Research Report 2017

Echidna Walkabout monitors wild koalas in two areas of the You Yangs Regional Park, Victoria Australia. This is a summary of the 2017 year.

You Yangs koala research 2017 summary

Area monitored: 28% of the 2000 ha You Yangs Regional Park

Koala sightings: 1118 (down 11% from 1267 in 2016)
Number of research days: 311 (up from 307 in 2016)
Average koalas seen per day: 3.6
High months: March avg 4.7 koalas seen per day
Low months: June avg 2.2 koalas seen per day
Days with only 1 koala sighted: 14 (more likely in winter).
Highest number of koalas sighted on one day: 14 on 17th November 2017

Number of koalas in total research area (Area 1 + Area 2) = 43 individuals (up from 40 in 2016)

Koalas joeys born in 2017: 6

Birth rate 0.14

Fecundity 0.33

Koalas (known) deceased in 2017: 4

Death rate 0.09

More details here: https://www.echidnawalkabout.com.au/you-yangs-koala-research-report-2017/

All koala research is conducted non-intrusively using our Koala Nose Pattern Identification method – ie. no koalas are touched or handled, all observations are taken through binoculars and cameras at a distance of 10 metres away. All monitoring is conducted with Parks Victoria knowledge and approval.

This project is completed funded by social enterprise Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours and offered freely to land managers, conservationists and the public.  Koala Clancy Foundation uses this research to guide our koala tree planting and weed removal projects. 

For more information about our methods, or to use any of our findings please contact us. president@koalaclancyfoundation.org.au

Thanks to our team, Echidna Walkabout’s Koala Researchers, Wildlife Guides and tour guests who all contribute photographs, sightings and observations to the Wild Koala Research Project.

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