Koala Clancy Events

Koala Conservation Days

Enjoy a day in the bush helping Koalas and planting trees …

koala leaves

Koala Clancy's Mission ...

Koala Clancy Foundation plants trees for koalas, creates new habitat and advocates for better protection of wild koalas.
Koala Clancy Foundation is an independent registered charity and not for profit organisation.

Corey’s Creations

Long-term Koala Clancy Foundation member Corey makes excellent planter boxes from recycled timber. He has made one modelled on the...

Gracia + Louise

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison are artists in paper, and wildlife carers. Their works can be found in National Gallery...


Membership is the best way to support koalas. Our Members are the backbone of Koala Clancy Foundation, providing regular volunteering, and hands-on and financial support.  Members receive special benefits and experience. 


We produce a Newsletter with articles and updates on our work with Koalas. It's a great way to keep in touch with our activities.