Thank you to our Supporters


Koala Clancy Foundation's major sponsor and donor is social enterprise Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours Pty Ltd

Thank you to all the wonderful Echidna Walkabout guests, agents, industry partners and donors for supporting the Koala Clancy Foundation.  

Your generous donations, financial memberships and promotion has helped Koala Clancy Foundation plant more than 4500 trees, and remove boneseed weeds from more than 120 hectares of bushland.


Landcare Victoria has been a huge support for Koala Clancy Foundation.  They have provided advice and suggestions for properties to plant trees, promotion and contacts.  Thankyou to these groups in particular: 

  image002  Landcare Barrabool Hills

Thankyou to the following organisations & individuals who have supported us: 

insight"Insight Australia was the first Inbound Tour Operator to join with award-winning wildlife tour operator Echidna Walkabout to make a home for a wild koala"

And again each year Insight Australia Travel provides a generous donation to Koala Clancy Foundation! Thank YOU so much!



Autopia Tours for donating $1 from every MTB You Yangs tour to Koala Clancy Foundation

Thank you to Bunyip Tours Melbourne, who supported one of our Koala Conservation Tree Planting Days with a generous donation




Thank you to Justin and the team at Avalon Airport - This is our local airport in Lara near the You Yangs. Avalon became 'Koala Airport' for a week for Wild Koala Day in 2017. They are great supporters of us, tourism and the local community.

ChapinA special thank to Chapin Manufacturing in Batavia, New Yorkwho donated  and delivered special sprayers here to us in Australia - so we can give the Koalas a spray in the very hot weather - see Koala Conservation Days.   Thanks also to KCF member,  Jonathan Dodd who organised this.


Swain  gowaylogo Walkaboutlogo  DUA  DUE  Springboard

along with Joanne Alderman, Leah Peters and so many more who gave so generously  - Thank you ALL for your support of Koala Clancy's Safety Net which will ALL go to the project and to more koala habitat.


OliviaOlivia Travel donated funds to help create habitat for TWO wild koalas for a year!   Olivia owner Judy Dlugacz pledged this personally on board the Olivia Australia & New Zealand cruise in February 2015. Thank you so much to all the wonderful women of Olivia!



 Libby's Koala Crusade who donated 2000 tree guards!yourtravelsource

Also big thank you to Chris Meny & Stevie Ryer of Your Travel Source in Fairfield, California. 

  • Cathja Maas from The Netherlands - an ongoing supporter of our Koala Conservation Days and to the Chuffed program.  Cathja has been a guest on many of our tours and is now a good friend and a wonderful supporter - thank you Cathja for Making more than homes for wild koalas and helping us create more Koala Conservation Days and more!
  • Cathy and Bill Boyd from Seattle, Washington joined as KCF members following their tour in September 2016 - welcome and thank you.
  • Melonie Jones met Janine on the Olivia cruise, and provided support for a wild Koala - thanks Melonie.
  • Lisa Koch, internationally renowned comedian from USA, who was one of Janine's fellow presenters on the Olivia Cruise.  Thankyou for making a home for a wild koala!! 
  • The ladies of Olivia who chipped in for Clancy during the cruise.  You know who you are!  Thankyou from all of us. 
  • Beth Ballance from the USA.  Thankyou for your donation to make a home for a wild koala.
  • Trish Santez from NT - Thankyou for your generous donation.
  • Leslie Lava from USA - thank you so much for your very generous donation in honour of her Mom and her namesake Koala Ruth.
  • Liam, Ari and Neva - Aussie kids who raised $370 at a jumble sale just for Koala Clancy Foundation - thank you so much.  

 And thank you to all those of you who have provided such great support but we have not listed here. 

If you wish to join in please donate!  All donations are directed in full to our  Make a Home for Koala Clancy! and all his future family and friends in our region - including planting to improve habitat.