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Koalas & fires 2019: What can you do?   

Plant trees, support organisations that are planting trees, take action to limit climate change!   The bushfire situation continues into 2020 with devastating effects on our threatened koalas.


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Koala population decline in the You Yangs, Victoria tells about the plight of our koalas. 

Yes, we know we have a problem. And once a problem is known, action can be taken to fix it.

Koala's need farmers!   Up to 80% of wild koalas live on private land throughout Australia.

With this knowledge, and more than 20 years of research, the Koala Clancy Foundation developed a plan to help koalas and farmers.

We organise targeted koala tree planting along waterways on farms. We plant locally-indigenous native trees and ecosystem species in the right location, so success rate is very high. Our planters are mature, experienced volunteers who pay a small fee to participate, which ensures their dedication. Many are members of Koala Clancy Foundation and their motivation is helping koalas.

Free Koalas and Tree Planting Information Sessions were held in November 2018 and 2019 and many locals came along to  - "Find out how to bring Koalas to YOUR property".   

There were lots of conversations started and questions asked so there will be more to come.   

Thank you to our volunteers, landowners where Koala Clancy Foundation has planted and those who are interested in our upcoming winter planting,  as well as our friends from Melbourne Water, Landcare, City of Greater Geelong Councillors and local organisations and landowners who were involved in making the meetings a success.

We are keen to hear from more local landowners who are interested in finding out about where Koala Clancy Foundation can help!

We plant seeds in summer and the next generation of koala trees are getting ready for planting  .....  and we are always keen to hear from more local landowners. 

Let's plant more trees for koalas!

Koalas need trees to survive and at the moment there just isn't enough for them to rely on. We want to change that. If you or anyone you know has property near the You Yangs and the Brisbane Ranges we may be able to plant koala trees for you!

We are experts and will recommend the right plant species for your property. Not only will they help koalas, they will also improve productivity, increase land value and prevent erosion, along with many other benefits.

We will do all the work for you and we work with Landcare groups and Melbourne Water to assist you to access any grants that you may be eligible for. Get in contact and lets get planting!    Email us at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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