Update 4 June 2017   

... and the winners of the competition for free trips to visit Koala Clancy's home are .....

The Koala Clancy Foundation, with it's fantastic supporters and partners,  created an extraordinary travel package for 4 couples only - to celebrate Wild Koala Day 2017.

Avalon Airport was "Koala Airport" from 28 April to 7 May 2017 to celebrate Wild Koala Day! on 3 May and Koala Clancy's birthday - fantastic support!  

Thank you to the following local businesses & organisations -

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Koala Clancy Foundation is inspiring travellers and local communities to help ensure a future for wild koalas

Our biggest event of the year Wild Koala Day is coming up on 3 May.   

The Koala Clancy Foundation is a not for profit incorporated association and registered charity set up to support the wild koalas of the Western Plains of Victoria, particularly around the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges west of Melbourne.  

The Foundation began in July 2015 in response to a 46% decline in koalas in the You Yangs over the seven years from 2007 to 2014. The foundation takes over and supports the conservation and research work of Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours, a social enterprise nature tour operator.

Echidna Walkabout will continue to be the main contributor and supporter of the foundation.  We welcome other corporate involvement and sponsorship of the Koala Clancy Foundation inc.    

Our aims are - 

Protection of koalas in the wild through enhancement and protection of their natural habitat by:

  • organising travellers and locals to maintain and improve existing Koala habitat; and

  • educating travellers and the local community of the threats to wild koalas and their environment and the means to address these; and

  • mobilising the word of mouth and social media reach of the travel community worldwide to speak out in support of wild koalas and their environment; and

  • involving travellers and the local community in citizen science research into wild koala behaviour; and

  • creating partnerships with other organisations involved in koala protection, habitat creation and environment protection; 

  • and any other means available. 

Koala Clancy is a wild male koala in the You Yangs Regional Park.  He has been researched since he was born, and is the third generation of an important koala dynasty.   Read more about him: Who is Koala Clancy?