Koala Tree Planting

Every winter (June, July & August) Koala Clancy Foundation conducts multiple koala tree planting projects across the Little River, Moorabool River and Barwon River catchments, west of Melbourne Victoria.

The experts at Koala Clancy Foundation design the project, source and order the local indigenous trees and shrubs, co-ordinate contractors to prepare the site, source funding, plant the trees and complete followup maintenance over several years.  Most of the trees are planted by community volunteers, schools, university students and Melbourne-based corporate groups, under the supervision of experienced Koala Clancy Foundation leaders. 

Our koala tree planting projects have achieved high survival rates.  88% survival after one year is an average across most of our 2020 plantings. 

You can view 48 of our tree planting sites on global ecosystem restoration platform Restor.  Go to https://restor.eco/map and search for “Koala Clancy Foundation” – you’ll see our team listing. 

Summary of projects: 

Moorabool Manna Gums for Koalas: 3500 koala trees in 2023. Read more.

Moorabool Tributary at Gheringhap:  6560 koala trees in 2023; 3964 planted from 2019 to 2022. Read more.  

Plains Grassy Woodlands for Koalas: 10,000 koala trees in 2023; 5469 planted in 2022. Read more

101 Koala Road, Gnarwarre: 4,200 koala trees in 2023 Read more. 

Balliang Plains: 1,500 koala trees in 2023

Billabong at Gheringhap: 2,860 koala trees in 2023

Down Yonder at Russells Bridge: 2,200 koala trees in 2023

Projects seeking funding ..... to be planted June to August 2023

101 Koala Road Gnarwarre tree planting site

Project : 101 Koala Road, Gnarwarre

Overview: “Once, there would have been at least 101 koalas living in the Barrabool Hills around Gnarwarre, west of Geelong. Now there’s only a handful. Nearby the beautiful Barwon River longs for koalas to doze in its ancient Red Gums, eat their leaves, and sing through the summer nights. But she needs more of those Red Gums before koalas will return. This project will plant 4,200 koala trees, and help bring koalas back to the Barwon, hopefully, in time, in the hundreds.” Janine Duffy, President, Koala Clancy Foundation Location: Barrabool Hills, Gnarwarre....

koala tree planting site moorabool

Project: Moorabool Manna Gums for Koalas

Overview: “Restoring a Manna Gum forest koala habitat on the fertile lower reaches of the Moorabool River, close to a resident koala population, far from roads, and managed by sympathetic landowners with a proven track-record for biodiversity management.” Janine Duffy, President Koala Clancy Foundation Location: Moorabool River, Lethbridge Status: Confirmed Total project cost: AUD $35,000-$40,000 in year 1 Seeking funding for: This project will be fully funded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). IFAW have been supportive partners of our koala tree planting projects for several years. We are thrilled...

Ongoing Projects...continuing in 2023

Past projects