Koala Tree Planting

Every winter (June, July & August) Koala Clancy Foundation conducts multiple koala tree planting projects across the Little River, Moorabool River and Barwon River catchments, west of Melbourne Victoria.

The experts at Koala Clancy Foundation design the project, source and order the local indigenous trees and shrubs, co-ordinate contractors to prepare the site, source funding, plant the trees and complete followup maintenance over several years.  Most of the trees are planted by community volunteers, schools, university students and Melbourne-based corporate groups, under the supervision of experienced Koala Clancy Foundation leaders. 

Our koala tree planting projects have achieved high survival rates.  88% survival after one year is an average across most of our 2020 plantings. 

You can view 48 of our tree planting sites on global ecosystem restoration platform Restor.  Go to https://restor.eco/map and search for “Koala Clancy Foundation” – you’ll see our team listing. 

Projects seeking funding ..... to be planted June to August 2023

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