Property Criteria

Type & location of property or farm for koala tree planting


Koala Clancy Foundation can plant trees for koalas on farms and other private land within the area shown inside the yellow lines on this map.

If you are outside this area, please contact us – we may be able to suggest other groups for you to connect with. 

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To whom it may concern,

re: Testimonial for Koala Clancy Foundation

We are owners of a large farming property in Balliang and are delighted to recommend Koala Clancy Foundation as a tree planting organisation.

Koala Clancy Foundation have planted a total of 2,300 trees on our property to revegetate a denuded gully of the Sandy Creek. They have planted every year since 2016, starting with a small planting of 100 native trees & shrubs, and building up to 800 trees in 2018/2019. Recently (September 2020) they returned and planted over 300 trees (including holes dug and guarded) on a particularly difficult part of the creek bank.

Success rates have been high – up to 90% survival in some areas – owing to a combination of professional preparation and planting, native species selection and ongoing management. The Foundation has been keen to follow-up and maintain plantings including the removal of tree guards no longer needed.

We are pleased to recommend Koala Clancy Foundation as in all our dealings we have found them to be reliable, well-organised, good communicators, and respectful of our privacy and biosecurity.

Sincerely, David & Pam Goble

Type of property:

Privately- or organisation/company-owned. (We generally don’t plant on public land)

Farms of most types are suitable, including livestock and crops.

Lifestyle properties are suitable. 

Other land uses may be suitable. 

Trust for Nature or similar covenant is ideal. 

Land for Wildlife property registration is recommended. 

Note: we don’t plant trees that will eventually be cut down.  So no agro-forestry projects, no planting on sites in suburban development zones, no future mine sites. 

Property features:

Koala Clancy Foundation prefer to plant along rivers, creeks, dams & drainage lines. 

Koalas need trees with good access to moisture, and cool air near water bodies.  

Our koala tree plantings are designed to occur along river banks, streams, creeks and drainage lines.  We will also plant around water-bodies, dams, billabongs, both natural and man-made. 

Any area that holds water after heavy rain may be suitable for koala tree planting.

We primarily plant to ensure survival of koala food trees.  We will plant some shelter trees, shrubs and nurse plants, to benefit the koala food trees. 

Protection from livestock and wild animals:

Newly-planted trees must be protected from livestock by fencing, and from wild animals by tree guards. 

If you have livestock and the planting site is not fenced off, it will need to be before planting. This cost is expected to be borne by the landowner. 

Tree guards must be welded corflute type with two hardwood or bamboo stakes per plant.  We recycle these guards & stakes after two years. 

Grants through your water authority may be available to cover some of these costs for sites along primary waterways.

If you are the recipient of a grant for planting trees, please let us know – funded projects are given priority.  We can generally work with the requirements of these types of grants. 

Landowner/Farm Manager involvement:

To ensure everyone has a clear idea of the plan and process, we prefer to have at least two on-site meetings before planting, at a time of your choosing.  

Koala Clancy Foundation will produce site maps, tree species lists and numbers of plants, and will order trees – usually in November the year before planting. Landowners/managers will be expected to sign a Landowner Agreement before any work begins. 

We organise a contractor to spot spray for weeds and dig holes in advance.  We provide tree guards, stakes and plants.  We retain ownership of the guards and stakes, and will visit the site after 1- 2 years to collect and recycle them. 

If a landowner/manager wishes to provide services or equipment themselves, we insist that we are involved in species selection in advance, that we are consulted about weed management and that trees are guarded by welded corflute tree guards and two hardwood stakes each, or better.  We can’t ensure planting success otherwise. 

On the planting day we prefer that you are present for the first hour at least to help ensure the works proceed in a manner you are happy with.  

After planting, trees do not need watering or weeding. 

What we don't do:

Koala Clancy Foundation don’t plant non-native plants – we plant suitable indigenous native trees & shrubs only. 

We only plant for environmental benefit, and trees and shrubs are selected to our discretion.  For example, we won’t plant more trees into a site that already has enough, or where existing trees are struggling to survive. We don’t plant Manna Gums where they are not native, we don’t fill a remnant native grassland with trees. 

We don’t do garden plantings – we consider a planting to be a garden if it is very close to a house, and intended primarily to be decorative.

We don’t generally prefer roadside, fence line & driveway plantings – we only consider these if the roadside, fence line or driveway runs along a riverbank or drainage line, if it provides an important corridor to another planting or existing habitat, and if the road is not a busy one. 

We don’t plant a site if livestock is still present around the trees, if the site is not prepared properly, if weed management has not had time to take effect (weed management should be done 4 to 6 weeks before planting), or if a site is dangerous to our staff or participants. 

Register to have koala trees planted

If your property fits our criteria, please contact us with the following information.

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