Property Criteria

Type & location of property for koala tree planting


Koala Clancy Foundation can plant trees for koalas on private land within the area shown inside the yellow lines on this map.

If you are outside this area, please contact us – we may be able to suggest other groups for you to connect with. 

Koala Clancy event

Type of property:

Livestock or crop farming are suitable. 
Other land uses may be suitable. 
Trust for nature covenant. 
Land for wildlife.

Note: we don’t plant trees that will eventually be cut down.  So no agro-forestry projects, no planting on sites in suburban development zones, no future mine sites. 

Property features:

Koala Clancy Foundation prefer to plant along rivers, creeks, dams & drainage lines. 

Koalas need trees with good access to moisture, and cool air near water bodies.  

Our koala tree plantings are designed to occur along river banks, streams, creeks and drainage lines.  We will also plant around water-bodies, dams, billabongs, both natural and man-made. 

Any area that holds water after heavy rain may be suitable for koala tree planting.

Protection from livestock and wild animals:

Newly-planted trees must be protected from livestock by fencing, and from wild animals by tree guards. 

If you have livestock and the planting site is not fenced off, it will need to be before planting. 

Grants are available to cover these costs for sites along primary waterways.

Landowner involvement:

To ensure everyone has a clear idea of the plan ad process, we prefer to have at least two on-site meetings before planting at a time of your choosing.  

On the planting day we prefer that you are present for the first hour to oversee works.  

After planting, trees do not need watering. 

What we don't do:

Koala Clancy Foundation don’t generally plant non-native plants – we plant suitable indigenous native trees & shrubs only. 

Garden plantings – we consider a planting to be a garden if it is very close to a house, and intended primarily to be decorative

Roadside, fence line & driveway plantings – we only consider these if the roadside, fence line or driveway runs along a riverbank or drainage line, if it provides an important corridor to another planting or existing habitat, and if the road is not a busy one. 

Register to have trees planted

If your property fits our criteria, please contact us with the following information.

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