Schools Tree Planting


Koala Tree Planting for Schools, Universities & Educational Groups

Hands-on action and environmental learning for students, with organised, professional tree planters. No hole digging required.

It only takes 4 years for a tree to grow large enough to feed a koala. A tree planted this year by a Year 7 will be big enough to feed a koala when those students are in Year 11.


Where: The You Yangs and private farms in the Little River/Anakie/Batesford/Bannockburn region
most tree planting sites are 45 mins – 1 hr west of Melbourne CBD.


KOALA TREE PLANTING: June to August every year. Weekdays preferred.


Times: flexible, generally we recommend a start time of 9 – 10am, finish by 2pm.

Group size: 20 to 30 is ideal. Larger groups can be accommodated by splitting the group and/or visiting two sites in one day.

Inclusions: Experienced Koala Clancy Foundation supervisor throughout. All planting equipment and trees provided. Holes are pre-dug, plants, guards, stakes ready at site.

Transport: from a central pickup location to the site/s can be provided for extra cost.

Cost: around $20 per student, depending on group size and inclusions.

What happens on the day:

Koala Tree Planting (June to August): An introduction by the Koala Clancy Foundation supervisor, then transport to the planting site. Briefing on tree planting techniques & safety. Tree planting for 1.5 to 2 hours. Morning tea. Transport to the You Yangs. Educational koala walks for 1 hour. Lunch. Conclusion.

Weed Removal & Koala Educational walks (September to May): An introduction by the Koala Clancy Foundation supervisor, then transport to the team weeding site. Briefing on weeding techniques & safety. Weeding for 1.5 hours. Morning tea. Educational koala walks for 1 to 1.5 hours. Lunch. Conclusion.

Contact: Email

Telephone: 03 9646 8249

Cancellations: These events take a lot of planning and organisation.  If you need to cancel, please consider converting your fee into a tax-deductible donation so that we can continue to plant trees on your school’s behalf.  

Cancellations received within 7 days of the event will not receive a refund. 


Koala Clancy Foundation plants trees for koalas, which means we plant trees in very specific koala-friendly locations, with the health and long life of the tree paramount.  Our plantings are usually linear – along rivers and streams, which is the best koala habitat for the future.  Our tree planting projects are 1 to 10 hectares in size (800 to 8000 trees), and over an entire tree planting season we will plant around 40 hectares (30,000 trees).  

Trees planted for carbon credits/carbon offsets are planted quite differently.  Most of these tree planting projects are vast – 200 hectares to 1 square kilometre minimum (~160,000 to 800,000 trees), usually in a block, with species planted for fast growth and high carbon capture potential. Some are planted by direct seeding – which can be very effective – a big machine rolls over the land dropping kilograms of seed. Most of these forests are not koala habitat (although Greenfleet do have an excellent South Gippsland koala conservation project). Some of your money may go to tree planting projects that are not in Australia. 

So unfortunately, Koala Clancy Foundation cannot offer carbon credits or carbon offset certificates.  Even if we were much bigger, our main purpose in planting the trees is for koalas, and carbon capture is a wonderful bonus. 

By planting trees with Koala Clancy Foundation you will help save a koala’s life in the most targeted way possible.  You will also help other threatened wildlife.  You will form a connection with your trees, be able to photograph them and publish these on your platforms and social media.  You will be lowering your carbon emissions impact.  

To achieve the best outcome, we recommend you book a tree planting day for your school with us, and also offset your school’s emissions with Greenfleet or Carbon Neutral or a similar company.  It’s not expensive.  

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