School Excursions

Your students can save koalas from extinction.

Bring your students along for a Koala Clancy Foundation excursion to spend time in the great outdoors while learning about our koalas, climate change, and how to make positive change.

Koala Clancy Foundation is a unique Victorian koala charity with a proven record for koala habitat revegetation. We are the leaders in koala tree planting and other habitat restoration projects, beginning the movement in 2016. Our staff have experience running customised events that spans several decades. Our excursions are available to school, tafe, university, and other education groups.

Why join a Koala Clancy school excursion?

The young people of Australia are growing up in a time where, because of climate change and species extinction, their future can feel a little scary. Koala Clancy school excursions aim to inspire hope for the future by empowering students to take positive action.

Our excursions give students the opportunity to spend a day in nature with our highly experienced guides who will teach them about wildlife, climate action, and our koalas. We’ve been working in the You Yangs for over a decade and our team are passionate about sharing this information with the community.

What do our excursions involve?

The You Yangs Regional Park is home to our koalas. Our goal is to protect their existing habitat from an invasive weed infestation called boneseed which is ruining their habitat. The good news is that boneseed is easy, safe, and satisfying for humans to remove, and students love it. After an hour or so of weeding in an open, old-growth forest, the group will embark on a guided bushwalk to spot and learn about native wildlife.

This is the single fastest way to restore koala habitat in the region and is a really inspiring activity for students as they can clearly see the results of their effort and learn about the impact that they’ve made.

Tree Planting Excursions

Tree planting excursions can be very physically demanding, and because our planting sites are spread out across a large region, they can be quite logistically challenging to organise and attend. Our sites also often don’t have access to bathrooms, which we know is essential for school excursions.

Because of this, we recommend all school joining us for at least one weeding excursion first. Once we get to know your students, we can advise whether a future tree planting excursion would be suitable. This may not apply to TAFE and university groups, depending on the age of your cohort.

At Koala Clancy Foundation, we’re most passionate about giving students a positive outdoor learning experience while inspiring them about the future of our planet, and we’ve found that our Weeding and Wildlife Walks have the best outcomes for everyone.

"Thank you so much for our wonderful excursion to the You Yangs. Our Year 6 students thoroughly enjoyed the day and were thrilled to be able to make a difference by weeding to assist the koala habitat."
Joanne, 2023