Support and Events

Your team can help save koalas from extinction.

Corporate Support for Koalas

Koala Clancy Foundation are the leaders in koala conservation in Victoria, and we welcome your company to be part of that. Your contribution will directly support:

  • Creating habitat: Planting tens of thousands of trees for koalas each year to go toward our 300,000 trees by 2030 target
  • Community engagement: Koala Clancy’s programs work closely with local communities to educate, inspire and foster pride and resilience in our regional areas.
  • Koala research: Providing field support to critical koala scientific studies to understand the species, their ecosystem and what they need to survive.

Corporate Conservation Events

Join us for a corporate conservation event in the great outdoors to reinforce your company’s CSR culture, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, build your team, and create a better future for koalas.

Koala Clancy Foundation is a unique Victorian koala charity with a proven record for koala habitat revegetation. We are the leaders in koala tree planting, beginning the movement in 2016. Our staff have experience running customised events that spans several decades.

Why join a Koala Clancy corporate volunteering event?

Our research shows that there are approximately 100 wild koalas left in the You Yangs who are heading for extinction. We need to plant 300,000 trees by 2030 to save them. We also need to protect their existing habitat from an invasive weed infestation in the You Yangs. Both of these projects are crucial for the survival of our koalas, and you can play a part in making them possible.

If your company would like to make a significant contribution to our work or sponsor an entire koala tree planting project, please get in touch.

To send us essential supplies, click here.

Corporate Volunteering Event Information

Option A

Tree Planting for Koalas’ Futures
$ 3000 from
  • Available June - August
  • 5 hours (9:30am - 2:30pm)
  • Located in Greater Geelong Region
  • Morning tea and lunch included
  • Option for group transport

Option B

Weeding and Wildlife Walk
$ 2000 from
  • Available September - May
  • 5 hours (9:30am - 2:30pm)
  • Located You Yangs Regional Park
  • Morning tea and lunch included
  • Option for group transport

Option C

Seed Sowing at the KCF Nursery
$ 2000 from
  • Available November - March
  • 5 hours (9:30am - 2:30pm)
  • Located in Staughton Vale, Victoria
  • Morning tea and lunch included
  • Option for additional transport
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Koala Clancy Foundation plants trees for koalas, which means we plant trees in very specific locations, with the health and long life of the tree as paramount. Our plantings are usually linear – along rivers and streams, which is the best koala habitat for the future. Our tree planting projects are 1 to 10 hectares in size (800 to 8000 trees), and over an entire tree planting season we will plant around 40 hectares (30,000 trees).

Trees planted for carbon credits/carbon offsets are planted quite differently. Most of these tree planting projects are vast – 200 hectares to 1 square kilometre minimum (160,000 to 800,000 trees), usually in a block, with species planted for fast growth and high carbon capture potential. Some are planted by direct seeding – which can be very effective – a big machine rolls over the land dropping kilograms of seed. Most of these forests are not koala habitat (although Greenfleet do have an excellent South Gippsland koala conservation project). Some of your money may go to tree planting projects that are not in Australia.

So unfortunately, Koala Clancy Foundation cannot offer carbon credits or carbon offset certificates. Even if we were much bigger, our main purpose in planting the trees is for koalas, and carbon capture is a wonderful bonus.

By planting trees with Koala Clancy Foundation you will help save a koala’s life in the most targetted way possible. You will also help other threatened wildlife. You will form a connection with your trees, be able to photograph them and publish these on your platforms and social media. You will be lowering your carbon emissions impact.

To achieve the best outcome, we recommend you book a tree planting day for your team with us, and also offset your company’s emissions with Greenfleet or Carbon Neutral or a similar company. It’s not expensive.

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