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What we plant for koalas and why

A diverse ecosystem of trees, shrubs and wildflowers is what koalas need Our koala tree planting projects, in central Victoria, include 35 to 40 species of plants. But why? Koalas...

Lifeline for Inverleigh Koalas

The Habitat Restoration Project Saving Koalas from Extinction Decades ago, a broad band of eucalyptus woodland extended west of Geelong, through Inverleigh, Teesdale & Shelford, and north to the forests...

About Koala Winberry

Winberry is a super koala. Winberry became dominant male at a young age and held onto his dominance for 7 years. He will take advantage of new koala tree plantings...

How Do Koalas Eat?

The diet of koalas is fascinating, and the subject of many stories and scientific publications. But how do koalas eat? Are they delicate and classy, or slathering, voracious beasts? Do...

The Koala Tree Nursery Koala

There are only a couple of Koala Tree Nurseries in the world. There are even fewer that have their own resident koala. Clem is a healthy adult male koala that...

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