More Trees for more wild Koalas!

NEW trees are on the way again this year with our volunteers planting about 2000 locally sourced seeds. 

The first River Red Gums usually sprouted within a week while others take a bit longer.  Clancy's supporters nurture these seeds over the hot summer so we can plant during the winter.

In the last two years we have planted 5000 trees on 9 local private properties (2000 the year before) -  hope to beat that number this year.   And, more importantly really, there has been great success with our plantings even though the weather has not been kind. 

It is so rewarding to see koalas in trees that we have planted for them.

special BLOG about what we are doing to look after these precious babies   



Planting has now been done on private land in the area the past three years, including near Balliang and at the foot of the You Yangs so koalas can spread out around the region.

plantingLRwurdi7augThis photo shows some of the 22 volunteers in action on 7 August 2016 on  Aboriginal Land called Wurdi Youang - a major cultural site beside the You Yangs.   This is the Little River - a major pathway for Aboriginal people and koalas. This stream was cleared of native vegetation by early settlers many years ago which stopped koalas using the stream as a corridor across the treeless plains.

We are replanting trees to allow koalas increased movement and dispersal across the region. This strengthens the gene pool by allowing koalas to move to new areas and find new partners.

Congratulations to the volunteers, Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative and the Koala Clancy Foundation for making this significant day happen.  

May there be many more days like this one. 

We are working with volunteers, local Landcare Groups and private land-owners to improve habitat.