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Carninje: the great traveller

Carninje was first seen on 30 November 2011 as a mature, breeding female koala. She appeared to be about 3 years old, so she would have been born around 2008. She was seen on a regular basis until January 2014, then disappeared for four years.

Her daughter Moijerre stayed in her mother’s old home range until December 2014, then she disappeared as well.

Suddenly, Carninje re-appeared in December 2018 and stayed on into 2019.  Where had she been all that time?  And why did she return?

Part of this puzzle was solved in 2022 when Janine was going through some old photos from 2016 on Woolloomanata Station, where we did some weeding and koala research for a time.  One of the koalas seen there was Carninje!  That’s 5km away from where she was first seen. 

koala carninje
Carninje in Woolloomanata in 2016

Family Tree:

Carninje (f) b. ?2008 – ?Winberry (m) b. ?2006



Keyeet (f?) b. 2011, Moijerre (f) b. 2012



Carninje had joey Keyeet in 2011, and Moijerre late in 2012. Their fathers were probably Winberry, but we don’t have enough information to be confident.

koala mother joey carninje
Carninje with joey Keyeet in 2012

koala carninje
Carninje in 2012
koala traveller carninje
Carninje in 2016

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