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Koala Cuddles of the You Yangs


Origin of name:

Named to honour Cuddles of Noosa, a wild male koala who was monitored for years by Bernard Jean & Meghan Halverson of Queensland Koala Crusaders/Noosa Koala Sightings. Cuddles of Noosa sadly passed away in 2016, the year Cuddles of the You Yangs was born.

Known since:

she first emerged from Misty’s pouch in August 2016 – she would have been born in February 2016.

Cuddles koala tiny joey

How often seen:

She has been seen 46 times in 2017


Her mother is Misty, one of our most often seen and well known koalas. Cuddles is Misty’s second joey – she has an older brother Lluvia.


Dominant males Anzac and Cruiz (one of whom is probably her father), her mother Misty, female Pat. Occasionally her brother Lluvia comes by for a visit.

Media Appearances:

Photos of Cuddles as a joey feature on the wall at Avalon Airport’s Kids Zone.  Cuddles also features in these videos: Cuddles has an itchBaby koala joey tries to suckle from mumRestless Koala baby;

Cuddles koala

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