About Koala Djadja

pretty 12 month old female koala


Origin of name:

Djadja is taken from Djadja-wurrung, the Aboriginal People of northern Victoria.

Known since:

Koala Djadja was first seen on 4 October 2016 as a 6 month old joey. That puts her birthday at around March/April 2016.

koala joey looking at viewer cuddling mother
Koala Djadja cuddling her mother Babarrang
How often seen:

She was seen 15 times in 2017. She possibly hasn’t finalised her home range yet, but so far she seems to be using an area east of her mother’s.


Her mother is Babarrang and her father is possibly Bungaleenee. She has a joey – named Beanie – born in late 2017. She has a sister in the population, Ngardang b. 2014 and two other siblings: Burun b. 2017 and unnamed b. 2013.


At the moment Djadja lives near female Mara and male Winberry.  A young male Mabo has recently set up home nearby too.

Media Appearances:

None yet.

How do we know all this about Djadja?

Our Wild Koala Research Project has been monitoring the koalas of the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges for 20 years, using our non-intrusive method of nose pattern identification. Learn more:

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