Koala Link Project

Our koalas need your help.

$10 Plants 1 Tree

Donations so far - $4000
koala leaves

Koala Clancy's Mission ...

Koala Clancy Foundation plants trees for koalas on farms and private land, creates new habitat and advocates for better protection of wild koalas.
Koala Clancy Foundation is an independent registered charity and not for profit organisation.

Supporting Wild Koalas

$10 plants a koala tree and provides for it's long term future

Koala Link Project

Our koalas need your help. 

$10 Plants 1 tree

This project is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create the shortest, safest path for koalas to escape to new fertile, cool; habitat that will protect them from climate change.  These trees could be used by koalas in just 2 years. Koalas: Mabo, Balyang, Kozo and Winberry need this habitat urgently.

Donations so far - $4000