Koalas: Their Forests, Our Future, Your Legacy

In 2024 Koala Clancy Foundation aims to plant 30,000 trees to save our koalas from extinction. We’re not just expanding existing koala habitat, we’re creating brand new, climate-resilient forests that koalas can depend on into the future – but we can’t do it alone.


Saving koalas doesn’t come cheap. We need you now more than ever to make our 2024 tree planting season possible. Whether you can give a few dollars, a few hundred dollars, or even a few thousand – whatever the amount we hope that you feel like a maker of change, because that’s what you are.

You’re not just making a donation, you’re making a difference: You’re redefining the future of koalas.

Donations so far - $4480
Donations so far - $2180 / 50,000

Frequently Asked Questions

100% of every dollar donated to this fundraiser goes into creating koala forests. Quality tree planting isn’t cheap. We’re lucky that our dedicated community members join us every weekend through winter to help us get trees in the ground, which makes it possible to plant 30,000 trees in a season, but there are still a lot of costs involved.

Our target for this fundraiser is $50,000 which is only a small fraction of how much the 2024 tree planting season will cost us.

Click here to read a detailed breakdown of these costs in a previous blog.

We know koalas are in trouble because the evidence is showing us, loud and clear. We’ve seen their situation with our own eyes, and it’s terrifying. Koalas like Mary and Tim Tam, who lived amongst many others on Big Rock Track in the You Yangs, are no longer with us. That koala population is locally extinct. We’re now seeing the same thing happen with koala populations all over Australia, all for varying reasons.

To learn more about what we’ve seen, click here to read this blog written by Janine Duffy, President and CEO of Koala Clancy Foundation, about witnessing a local koala extinction first-hand.

We have evidence from other planting projects around Australia that targeted tree planting does work for koalas. We have followed these models, learned from the best science and historical Indigenous knowledge, and are confident that our plantings will benefit our koalas. Early signs are very positive: koalas have already started using our plantings. 

We’ve detailed the evidence behind our approach in a few blogs, you can find them below:

Great question – the answer is, no!

You might be surprised to know that our koala tree planting projects include 35 to 40 species of plants. Koalas eat a lot of different eucalypt species, and there’s a lot more to creating a koala habitat than just food trees.

Click here to learn more about these species in a previous blog.

We plant in the Little River, Moorabool River and Barwon River catchments, west of Melbourne, Victoria. These projects are all in the vicinity of our koala population in the You Yangs Regional Park, as well as several other local koala populations.

Click here to view all of our previous tree planting sites on global ecosystem restoration platform Restor.

Have another question that isn’t answered here? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at info@koalaclancyfoundation.org.au

Supporting Wild Koalas

$10 plants a koala tree and provides for its long term future

All donations go directly to Koala Clancy Foundation Incorporated, an Australian charity which is improving the future for wild koalas by increasing habitat.

Please note that we don’t use any third-party to collect donations for KCF.

Australian donations to Koala Clancy Foundation Fund of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Recurring Monthly Donations are a very effective tool for supporting koalas, which help us plan long-term for koala benefit. We also welcome One-Off Donations.

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Give the gift of a future with koalas in it

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