About Koala Lluvia

koala Lluvia dominant male


Origin of name:

Lluvia means rain in Spanish. When he was a baby we were hoping for rain, and we asked our team member, Carolina, from Colombia, the word for rain in Spanish.

cute male koala Lluvia
Known since:

He first emerged as a 6 month old from Misty’s pouch on 25 August 2015. He stayed with her for the rest of 2015, but became independent and was not seen much in 2016. To our great surprise he re-appeared in 2017.

How often seen:

He was seen 20 times in 2017, all over the research area.


He is Misty’s first joey, his father unknown but possibly Anzac or Cruiz. He has a sister, Cuddles, born in 2016.


That depends on where he ends up living. At the moment he is living near Pat, but Zack and Cruiz both want that territory as well. Read about the battle royal for Anzac’s old home range here

Media Appearances:

Lluvia appears in this video for Wild Koala Day, May 3 2018:

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