About Koala Bobo

joey koala cuddled by mum


Origin of name:

Suggested by Wildlife Guide Kirby – seemed to fit with YuYu

Known since:

Bobo first emerged from YuYu’s pouch on 19th November 2017

wild koala joey in pouch

How often seen:

Bobo has been seen 9 times in 2018. That might change when he becomes independent, but at the moment he is still with his mother.


YuYu is his mother, and he has two sisters: CoCo and KiKi, and a niece: Kozo.


At the moment Bobo’s neighbours are YuYu’s – CoCo, male Zack and female Ruth.

MOther koala with joey in pouch looking out

Media Appearances:

none yet.

mother joey koala touching moment

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