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Winberry is a super koala.  Unlike most males, who never attain dominant male status at all, Winberry became dominant male at a young age.  Even more rare – Winberry maintained his dominance for 7 years.  Most dominant males are lucky to stay at the top for 3 years.

dominant male koala winberry
Winberry, when we first met him in 2009. Pic by Mark Helle


Family Tree:

Winberry – Ngardang



Lakorra (f) b 2017

Winberry – Mara



Bo (m) b 2016 & Pickle (m) b 2018

Winberry – Wemba



Wemberi  (m?) b 2016 & Burdungul (m?) b 2017 & Djaki (f) b 2018

Winberry – Djadja



Beanie (m?) b 2017

old koala hot day Winberry
Winberry at the height of his power in 2017


How often do we see him?

Winberry is seen often.  He was seen on 55 research days in 2017 and 83 times in 2018.  In 2019 he was seen on 152 research days, and on 84 days in 2020.


Who does he share his habitat with?

Winberry has changed his home range a bit once he lost his top position, first to Clancy, and then to Mabo. He now shares his home with females Kozo, Djadja and Wemba.

old koala suffering climate change
Winberry looking a bit hot and bothered in 2020


How is climate change affecting him?

Like all koalas, as Winberry ages his teeth wear down. Over time it becomes difficult for him to extract the limited goodness out of the eucalyptus leaves. He would be seeking softer, more nutritious foliage on trees like River Red Gums. He also needs more water as his kidneys age and become less efficient. Added to this, climate change is making his habitat drier and his leaves are less nutritious than they were 10 years ago.

When male koalas get very old and lose their status in their community they can be forced out of the good quality habitat by younger, stronger males. That makes it even harder for them to get the nutrition and water they need.

big male koala in River Red Gum tree
Winberry loves his River Red Gum trees


How will our Koala Link tree planting project affect him?

Despite the challenges, Winberry is very very strong, and a fighter. He will take advantage of the new 2800 trees we are planting to stay fit and healthy – and new habitat offers him a chance at a few more good years. Maybe he will even be a father again!

Help plant a tree for Winberry today. 

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