About Koala YuYu

pretty fluffy female koala YuYu


Origin of name:

Named by one of our best supporters after her pet, but changed a little to incorporate the sound of the You Yangs.

Known since:

YuYu was first seen on 16th November 2014

How often seen:

YuYu was seen 13 times in 2017. She is not seen as often as some of our other koalas, as her home range is only partly in our research area.

female koala scratching


YuYu has been a great mother! She had female joey CoCo in 2015, adventurous female KiKi in 2016 and charismatic male Bobo in 2017. At this time, all three of her offspring are still in our research area.

MOther koala with joey in pouch looking out

She is now a grandmother – KiKi had joey Kozo in 2017.



YuYu’s neighbours are her own daughter CoCo, male Zack and female Ruth.

Media Appearances:

YuYu appeared briefly alongside her daughter KiKi on the Tourism Australia facebook video for Wild Koala Day 2017

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