Cute Koala Yeera

baby koala cute

Cute baby koala Yeera is a charismatic and curious joey.


Her mother is Wemba, and we think her father might be Mabo who was spending a lot of time near Wemba in February. But it could also be Winberry – her mother made a short visit to Winberry’s home range during the time Yeera would have been conceived.

How old is she:

She was first seen on 14 October 2019 with her mother Wemba. We think she had been out of the pouch for at least one month – which makes her birthday around early March 2019


How often seen:

Though she arrived late to the party, Yeera was seen 15 times in 2019 and has already been seen quite a bit in 2020.


cute koala joey smiling



At the moment she is roaming around a bit, as is normal for newly-independent joeys. Currently her neighbours are her mum Wemba, dad/s Mabo & Winberry, and female Djadja.

Survived extreme heat/drought catastrophes:

Yeera has survived the following extreme heat waves and droughts.

Already in her short life she has experienced two extreme heat days.

2019: 20 December max temp: 46C
2019: 30 December max temp: 44C

In The Media:

Cute joey koala Yeera was the star of this lovely video created by one of our Koala Conservation Day guests:


How do we know so much about cute joey koala Yeera?

Echidna Walkabout’s Wild Koala Research Project has been monitoring the koalas of the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges for 21 years. In 1998 we discovered a non-intrusive method of identifying koalas by their natural nose markings (nose patterns). Since then we have been collecting koala research data during tours, and using it to advocate for koalas, plant trees where they are most needed, and remove weeds to improve koala habitat.

Koala Researchers employed by Echidna Walkabout are paid to find koalas and collect information +/- 310 days every year.

All our tour guests play an important part in this research, by making it possible through funding, and by looking out for koalas on our tours.

Learn more:

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