Replanting the Little River for Koalas

one quarter of little river replanted for koalas



Koala tree planting organisation on track to replant Little River

In just 5 years, Koala Clancy Foundation have planted koala trees along one-quarter of the northern Little River near Geelong.

Local koala expert Janine Duffy said the Little River is one of the most important biolinks for koalas on the Western Plains.

“The Little River is the only potential corridor for koalas to travel safely from the You Yangs to the Brisbane Ranges,” said Duffy.

“But in places there’s hardly any trees left along the Little River,” she said.

“I’ve seen koalas crossing the open paddocks, and in the scattered trees near the Little River, looking for better habitat.”

“In 2017 Koala Clancy Foundation set a target to plant koala trees along the entire length of the Little River, from just north of Little River township to Staughton Vale in the Brisbane Ranges.”

“But the Little River is very long – I never thought we’d get one-quarter of it revegetated in just five years.”

“Koala Clancy Foundation have planted 24,362 trees along the Little River, with another 10,800 expected this year”

“Local farmers have welcomed us onto their properties, and helped us create habitat for koalas.”

The koala charity has also planted links from the You Yangs to the Little River, in the north, and is planning another link from the east.

“In 2021 we completed a huge 8000 tree project across the northern slopes of the You Yangs, linking to the Little River, with the support of an Environmental Sustainability Grant from the City of Greater Geelong. “ said Duffy

“This year we are planting another link, to the east, by the shortest route: The You Yangs Little River Koala Link.“ she said.

“Community support has been overwhelming, with over $13,000 raised in just two weeks” she said.

“Local clubs and businesses have also contributed, including the Rotary Club of Kardinia.”

The Rotary Club of Kardinia President, Ben Systermans said:
“The club is proud to be a supporter of Koala Clancy Foundation – our members have participated in hands-on tree planting with the foundation and we are impressed with the knowledge and dedication of the KCF team”

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Janine Duffy
Koala Clancy Foundation
M: 0427808747

About Koala Clancy Foundation
Koala Clancy Foundation plants trees for koalas, creates new habitat, educates the community, supports research and advocates for protection of wild koalas and their forest habitats. Koala Clancy Foundation is an independent registered charity and not for profit organisation based in Staughton Vale near Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

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