Ongoing Project: You Yangs North

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“Finalisation of one of our largest and closest plantings to the You Yangs koala population. 2022 will see the last trees planted in this huge 9000 tree project.”

Janine Duffy, President Koala Clancy Foundation

Location: northern slopes of the You Yangs.

Status 2022: Confirmed and complete.

Total project cost 2022:

Funding for this project is secured. Thankyou to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for your support.

Number of trees/shrubs: 850 planted on 31 July 2022. These trees join 4315 planted in 2021 and 3822 planted in 2020.




New habitat planted close to existing koala populations has the best chance of early colonisation by koalas. This site, on the northern slopes of the You Yangs, was once a grassy woodland of Yellow and Grey Box trees, Melbourne Yellow Gums and River Red Gums – perfect koala habitat. Over many years of farming and drought, many of the old trees were lost.

New owners are determined to bring back the wildlife and native plants to the property. We started planting in 2020, continued in 2021 & 2022 and have successfully planted 8987 trees and shrubs.

The 2020 planting thriving in March 2021



2021 planting:

Number of trees/shrubs: 4315

Size of planting site: 7.78 hectares

Total project cost 2021: $ 43,150 funded by Binance Charity, City of Greater Geelong & Tourism Authority of Thailand

Progress report:
The trees are growing well. Further assessment to come.

In response to the success of Cassinia arcuata, Dodonea viscosum and Enchylaena tomentosa on the clay dam edge, we planted more of these species on that location. Further infill will be required on this, and other tough sites around the property.

Tree planting in August 2021


2020 planting:

Number of trees/shrubs: 3822

Size of planting site: 9.79 hectares

Total project cost 2020: $38,220 funded by Koala Clancy Foundation donors

Progress report:
The trees are growing extremely well for the most part. The first plantings in July 2020 along a drainage line were assessed in November 2021. Four squares of 20m x 20m were assessed along the site. 3 squares achieved an average of 85% survival (range 83.3 – 88.9). 1 square achieved 78.9% survival.
The second round of plantings in August 2020 were on a tougher site, granite sand further from water. Some were on a clay dam edge with no topsoil.

We assessed two squares in the worst area in March 2022 and they achieved 78.3% and 58.6% survival. Other squares have fared better. Of the trees and shrubs planted into the clay dam edge, best survival was by Cassinia arcuata, Dodonea viscosum and Enchylaena tomentosa.

The first trees planted in July 2020
May 2022: the same spot not even 2 years later
March 2021: The same trees in March 2021, not even one year old. Note: most of the tree guards are hidden by long grass.
August 2020: One of the tougher sites being planted in August 2020.
August 2020 Planting in the woodland

Opportunities are available to become involved with this project as a volunteer in future – removing and recycling tree guards and stakes, and monitoring progress. Contact

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