Koala Conservation Days

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Koala Conservation Days for Locals  -  Feel inspired by helping Koalas in the wild.

Make a home for wild koalas by removing weeds from their habitat and planting and nurturing new trees - all in the company of a highly experienced Koala Researcher.

Koala Conservation Days for Locals are now being run on the third Sunday every month for local Melbourne/Geelong area residents (you don't have to be an Australian citizen, just a long-term resident of the Melbourne area to participate.)

The aim of these days is public awareness and education, tree planting (around June to August) and large-scale weed removal.  

Each day participants plant around 200 trees or remove around 8,000 weeds to create koala habitat. 

These days are heavily subsidised by our donors and supporters, which is why they are only available to Melbourne area locals.  Please read here about the costs, why there is a cost to volunteer, and why these days are up to 80% subsidised.  

It is not a tour, and not suitable for or available to tourists.  For excellent tours to see wild koalas and kangaroos please support our major donor, social enterrpise Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours.   

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They are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of every month, all year  - see on right for the next few dates. 

Wathaurong Koala Conservation Day

These photographs show the effectiveness of our Koala Conservation Days - this is the result of only 30 minutes weeding by 20 participants on our conservation day.    



If you have a special group and want to organise a Koala Conservation Day for yourself, or would like a different date, please speak to us about a special school, private or business Koala Conservation Day.

And thank you to our great sponsors who are helping make these days so successful, including - 

 Insight Australia Travel  Cathja Maas, Netherlands. Olivia Travel

Special thankyou to Libby's Koala Crusade, Hollocore, Bindwell Plastics and Able Forme Cutting for donating 2000 tree guards! 


We welcome sponsors for these special conservation events - please contact us

This extraordinary day of learning and connecting with nature is valued at more than $100 per person. However Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours and our generous donors heavily subsidise the day to make them accessible for all locals.   

We are seeking grant funding and donations to cover 80% of these costs so that we can continue to provide this experience for local people. The contribution of your ticket price is greatly appreciated and helps cover a small portion of the organising and running of these events. 

Get Great Photos!

YES,  YOU too can get great photos of Wild Koalas and other wildlife behaving normally - if you follow the rules we use  -

  • We NEVER go too close to take our photos!

  • We all use cameras with good zooms and often get great results

 - as you can see from some of the photos on Koala Clancy's own Facebook Page taken by our koala researchers, guides and many by our volunteers and guests.

We stay quiet and still and watch for a while ...  and Koalas will often check you out and then go back to what they normally do.    And so do many of our other wildlife!  

What's On

Sunday April 28, 9:00 AM -
Koala Conservation Day, You Yangs
Friday May 3
Sunday May 19, 9:00 AM -
Koala Conservation Day, You Yangs
Sunday June 16, 9:00 AM -
Koala Conservation Day, You Yangs

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Make a Home for Koala Clancy project


Back in 2011,  Echidna Walkabout and guests started removing weeds from Clancy’s home range.

“Our aim was to clear 5,000 weeds in the first year so that Clancy could live safely without having to fight for space” says Janine Duffy.

“What we didn’t expect was such tremendous enthusiasm from our guests and, then later -  locals who wanted to help.  see more ...