Dominant Male Koala Mabo

happy dominant male koala mabo


Mabo is a charmer. Ever since we first met him in January 2017, he’s been relaxed with us. And so handsome!

So handsome!

Family Tree:

We have no idea who his parents are. His dark good looks are a little bit reminiscent of Winberry, but that is pure conjecture.

Mabo (m)  – Kozo (f)
Balyang (m) b Jan 2020 & Indi (f) b 2019

Mabo’s first joey (that we know of): Indi, riding on her mum’s back in 2019

How often do we see him?

Usually we see him a lot. His home range is one of the first places we search when we are researching. He was first seen in 2017, and sightings increased after that: 27 times in 2018, 65 times in 2019 and 33 times in 2020.

Who does he share his habitat with?

Koala Mabo is the dominant male in his area. He deposed the old king: Winberry, but he didn’t force him out, and Winberry still lives nearby. Females Djadja, Wemba and Kozo share part of his home range.

Mabo’s second joey with Kozo: cheeky male Balyang. A chip off the old block.

How is climate change affecting him?

A dominant male has to stay big and strong to defeat his rivals. That means lots of good quality food. But every year the nutritional quality of his trees reduces due to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – caused by humans burning fossil fuels.

To compensate, he might take over more habitat. But that means patrolling a bigger boundary, and walking further to get the food he needs. For a koala, too much exercise is bad. It also means more likelihood of fights.

How will our tree planting projects affect him?

Even mature males change their home ranges from time to time. Mabo may keep his original home range in the You Yangs, or he may migrate downhill to the new habitat we are creating. Either way, more habitat will make his life more comfortable.

Help plant a tree for Mabo today:


Read more about Mabo, and how he got his name, here:

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