Supermum Koala Wemba

mother koala with joey on back both facing


Wemba is a supermum. She has reared six joeys since 2016: Wemberi, Burdungul, Djaki, Yeera, Waa and Emu.

She is a shy koala, and a protective mother. But her joeys are not always shy – Yeera is a real character who is confident and curious, Waa is cheeky and adventurous, and Emu always looked at us with interest.

koala mother joey looking at camera
Wemba with joey Waa in 2020

One of the most distinctive things about Wemba is her mole. It is to the right of her nose on her upper lip. She’s had it since at least 2016, so it’s not new. We first saw Wemba in 2014 – we didn’t notice it then but she was very shy and our photos from back then are not as clear as now.

We haven’t seen a koala with a mole before. Clancy had a skin tag above his eye for some years, but after a while it fell off. Maybe Wemba’s will too, we will have to wait and see.

Koala Wemba’s mole in 2020

Wemba seems to have quite a large home range. We see her mostly from October to May, and only rarely during winter – it may be that she goes higher into the hills in the cooler months.

Family Tree:

Wemba (f) – Mabo (m)
Yeera (f) b 2019; Waa (m) b 2019/2020; Emu (?) b 2022

Wemba (f) – Winberry (m)
Wemberi (m) b 2016; Burdungul (m?) b 2017; Balit-djak known as Djaki (m) b 2018

How often do we see her?

Some years she is quite a regular. In 2020 we saw her 39 times, in 2019 she was seen 29 times, in 2018 we saw her 32 times, in 2017 only 12 times.

Who does she share her home with?

Her nearest neighbours are Djadja and Mabo. But her home range also intersects with Ngardang, KiKi, Gulkurguli and Goora.

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