Adventurous koala baby Mimi

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Adventurous, curious Mimi was confident to climb away from his mum at just 7 months old.


Mimi has a big family in our Wild Koala Research population. His mum KiKi has four other joeys: Kozo, LuLu, and Lara and another born in 2022. His grandmother YuYu has three other joeys: Coco, Bobo and Yarra. Kozo, his sister has two joeys: Indi and Balyang. His father Gulkurguli is also father to Winjku, Ngardang’s joey.

How old is he:

Koala joey Mimi was first seen on 21 July 2019 as a brand new 6 month old. So that makes his birthday around mid February 2019.


How often seen:

He was seen 36 times in 2019, which is a lot.


cute mum koala with joey you yangs
Mimi with his mum Kiki


Mimi was last seen in late December 2022 south of his mother Kiki, next to the home ranges of Gulkurguli and Bungaleenee. Before that, he was seen in February 2020 in the same area. Has he been there the whole time without us seeing him? Or, more likely, has he been checking out other areas, and just recently returned? Will this be a long-term occupancy, or will the big guys drive him out?

Koala Mimi as a healthy 3 year old in December 2022

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Watch this cute video of Mimi and his age-mate Yeera:


More information about Mimi and his family:


How do we have so much information about Mimi?

Echidna Walkabout’s Wild Koala Research Project has been monitoring the koalas of the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges for 24 years. In 1998 we discovered a non-intrusive method of identifying koalas by their natural nose markings (nose patterns). Since then we have been collecting koala research data during tours, and on Koala Clancy Foundation Conservation Days, and using it to advocate for koalas, plant trees where they are most needed, and remove weeds to improve koala habitat.

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