Koala Clancy Foundation plants 100,000 trees!

koala clancy foundation plants 100000 trees

In just 6 years, Koala Clancy Foundation has planted 100,000 koala trees! We started small in 2016, and grew and grew, so that now we are planting 30,000 trees and shrubs every year. Our goal is to plant 300,000 koala trees by 2030, so that our You Yangs koalas can survive climate change.

Volunteers and KCF staff planting in August 2022
KCF staff member Hayley with volunteers in August 2022

In fact, we are planting so fast that we have now planted 107,311 trees & shrubs. We count every tree, we don’t round up or down. Because every tree is precious – every tree is a multi-storey housing complex for hundreds of species, including koalas; every tree lives far beyond the lifetimes of the species that live in it.

koala river red gum tree
Koala Djadja in a huge River Red Gum

So far, in 2023, we have planted 3618 trees on the Moorabool Manna Gums for Koalas project with the support of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and 7789 trees on the Plains Grassy Woodlands project.

Our amazing Koala Clancy Foundation members, and volunteers, our landowners, our donors and supporters, our volunteer Board, and our hard-working staff are the reason we can do so much.

Naomi from IFAW planting a Wirilda Acacia retionoides.

In 2022, we planted 38,679 koala trees & shrubs on 15 properties. 27,679 trees were in the Barwon, Moorabool and Little River catchments near the You Yangs. Another 11,000 of these were in East Gippsland.

KCF Member Diane planting the 27,000th tree of 2022

In 2021, we planted 40,634 koala trees & shrubs on 22 properties. 25,784 of these were along the lower Barwon, lower Moorabool and Little River catchments near the You Yangs. Another 14,750 of these were planted in East Gippsland to help wildlife recover from the Black Summer megafires. 100 were in the Parwan Valley near the Brisbane Ranges.

two year old trees Barwon River
These trees were planted along the Barwon River in 2021. They are only 2 years old in this picture.

In 2020, during COVID lockdowns, we planted 9,056 koala trees & shrubs on 5 properties along the Moorabool and Little River.

In 2019, we planted 2760 koala trees & shrubs on 4 properties. This time we branched out a little to plant 460 trees along the lower Moorabool River.

planting trees Moorabool River
A muddy paddock in 2019 on a floodplain of the Moorabool River at Gheringhap.
four year old trees planted
Look at it now! A thriving forest in 2023 at the Moorabool River at Gheringhap.

In 2018, we planted 1915 koala trees & shrubs on 3 properties near the Little River, and on one property at Lara.

In 2017, we planted 2560 koala trees & shrubs on four properties: the two from 2016, and two small properties at Little River and Staughton Vale.

In 2016, we planted 300 koala trees & shrubs on two properties near the Little River. One was the Indigenous Protected Area Wurdi Youang. The other was a big farm at Balliang, where an old creek had been seriously eroded.

That’s the first 100,000. We have another 7 years to achieve our goal of planting 300,000 koala trees by 2030 – our koalas need these trees urgently, so we will try to meet our target early.

You can help, no matter where you are. You can donate and become part of a future with koalas in it. You can join us on a planting day, and feel the dirt on your fingers and the happy-tired sensation of a fruitful day.

If you’ve been part of this great journey with us, thankyou. If you are yet to be, welcome.

Janine Duffy

President & CEO.

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