The friendly community planting trees for koalas

The friendly community planting trees for koalas

by Eliza Anderson

In 2023 our friendly community aims to plant 30,000 trees for koalas in three months. After six weeks we’ve planted 17,704 trees.

We are ahead of schedule to reach our 30,000 tree target!

It’s been an enormous season so far. We didn’t anticipate the huge numbers that we’d achieve – we’ve broken multiple records for the number of trees planted in a day: 3618 over 2 days on 3 & 4/6 for IFAW; 1798 on 2/7 and 1931 on 16/7! In saying that, there’s been one characteristic of this season that didn’t surprise us:

The friendly people who make up our wonderful community.

Koala Clancy community members after planting trees for the IFAW Moorabool Manna Gums for Koalas project, June 2023. Photo Chloe Smith

We’ve always had a strong community at Koala Clancy Foundation. In 2016, a total of 175 volunteers joined us throughout the year. In 2020 that number grew to 417, and in 2022 it more than doubled to 883.

We’re a rapidly growing community, but what we’re most proud of is, that as our numbers grow, so does our connection.

KCF members and regular tree planters Gloria and Jane. Photo Chloe Smith

Recently, one of our long-term staff members, Hayley, pointed out:

“The community vibes have felt so great this year. People are coming along to our planting days so many times, it’s really nice to continue seeing them throughout the season. Everyone is getting to know each other so well.”

Hayley, Tree Planting Assistant

I couldn’t agree more. The 2023 tree planting season has brought with it some of the most committed community members we’ve ever had.

They join us week after week to plant through rain, hail, or shine; arriving in the morning to get started, and many sticking around at the end of a long planting day – sitting atop a pile of tree guards to share a hot cuppa, a biscuit, and a hug.

Koala Clancy president, Janine, sharing a hug with long-term member Gloria. Pic by Chloe Smith

“The KCF members and volunteers are extremely dedicated, and the group camaraderie is welcoming and inclusive. Working alongside others of like mind and motivation is very satisfying.

There is also a sense of peace to be found in the landscape, birdsong and fresh air. It instills hope that we can really do this, and make a difference. Being a part of KCF provides me with a tangible sense of purpose in these unsettling times.

Fiona, Koala Clancy Foundation member
Kylie and Fiona planting in KCF Merch at the Moorabool Tributary at Gheringhap

I suppose that’s the common goal that unites us – a future with koalas in it.

People often thank us for the work that we’re doing at Koala Clancy Foundation. We appreciate the thanks, but in some ways, I think it’s the koalas that we have to thank.

Koala Yanabil, sighted 2023

Our koalas have taught us a lot over the decades that we have researched them – we’ve learned about male koala dominance, how they eat, and the truth about their hands. Read these articles and you’ll learn how complex and intriguing these furry creatures are. Our koalas have also shown us how good people can align, frequently, regularly, and in all conditions, to make the change they wish to see.

Dynamic duo Les and Sharon planting trees at the IFAW Moorabool Manna Gums for Koalas. Pic by Chloe Smith

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our 2023 tree planting season so far. Whether you’ve joined us at tree planting or extended your support from afar – everything adds up and fills our team with hope and joy.

The Koala Clancy community is doing much more than planting trees for koalas – we’re making a future for koalas and people.

Be part of our community – join a tree planting day, donate or sign up as a member.

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