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Amazing young koala mother Kozo

Kozo was funny and curious as a joey like her mother KiKi.  But as an adult she is more reserved.  She is still quite calm with us, but less flamboyant than her mother.

2 year old female koala kozo


Family Tree:

Kozo (f) b March 2017
KiKi – Cruiz?
YuYu – ??


her joeys:

Balyang (m) b Jan 2020 & Indi (f) b Jan 2019
Kozo – Mabo

How often do we see her?

At first we saw her a lot. Her mother KiKi is a brave, adventurous koala who we see often. Kozo however, seems shy, and though she was seen 67 times in 2018 – her first independent year, sightings seem to be reducing as she matures. She was seen 44 times in 2019, and in 2020 37 times.

Who does she share her habitat with?

Kozo shares her home range with Mabo and female Djadja. Female Wemba, and male Winberry also visit occasionally.



18 month old female wild koala


How is climate change affecting her?

Years ago, a strong young female like Kozo could expect to live a long life and have up to 10 joeys. But due to climate change drying out her home and toxifying her food, her life expectancy is shorter, and she will successfully rear only a few joeys.

In January 2019 Janine found her, exhausted and unresponsive at the bottom of a tree – the temperature was 46 degrees Celsius. Koalas are not built to survive those temperatures, and Kozo had added challenges: she was pregnant for the first time, and she was young. Extreme temperatures affect the young and old most.

Janine sprayed her with water that day, in an attempt to save her life and the life of her joey. Fortunately it worked, and sometime before 25 January (which was also 46 C) her daughter Indi was born safely.

What she needs is new habitat in a cooler, wetter location.

How will our tree planting projects affect her?

Trees planted beside the Little River will grow fast and contain higher moisture than the trees she currently lives in. In addition, on days of extreme heat, the river will act as natural air-conditioning. A difference of just a few degrees could save her life and the lives of her joeys.

Help plant a tree for Kozo today.



Kozo wasn’t born when this video was taken, but this may have been the first time her father met her mother.

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